Samsung 300E4A Notebook Review
By Warren Jobs|January 10, 2012|1:29 pm

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Samsung 300E4A thickness relative to the previous products has been greatly reduced, which also benefited from the second generation of Intel’s latest Core processor performance, intelligent work adjustment as temperature and power control on the key, the whole 2.05 kg and Travel 2.41 kg of weight compared to other similar products available in the market remained the mainstream, not the existence of a negative impact on the user’s portable.

Man-machine interface part, Samsung 300E4A the same two-color high-contrast design approach, but with most products there is a big difference is that Samsung 300E4A screen with a super-slim bezel design, so it looks like Samsung 300E4A much larger screen, and For the overall appearance of greatly enhanced.

In addition the screen, the Samsung did not use the entertainment 300E4A models used in the glossy screen, instead of using the ordinary matte screen, it is ideal for outdoor use or business conditions, the greatly reduced the effect of specular reflection, for users provides comfort and protection.

Control part, Samsung 300E4A overall design is very simple, the material on the frosted plastic top to bottom, respectively, and the silver mirror acrylic polymer board composition, simple buttons, no extra shortcut keys and function keys.

Keyboard sub-island well-designed to prevent user errors, but also effectively avoid the dust and other residue keycap gap, the inconvenience of SAMSUNG X10 1300 battery cleaning up the problem, try the keyboard by the author, found that 14-inch Samsung 300E4A the keyboard is very comfortable, Even the larger palms are very easy to use.

Touchpad area, Samsung 300E4A no one-piece design, but the touch area of ​​separation is very large, while the sensitivity control is also high, hard and soft moderate left and right buttons, even if the go for users without an external mouse , such a sense of control can be Touch can replace the mouse.

Interface, the Samsung 300E4A mainly highlight the high compatibility and ease of use, is clearly not required for a comprehensive cost model for this orientation, but the whole interface Samsung 300E4A ranging, basically have a common.

Fuselage on the left from top to bottom, respectively, the power adapter port, RJ45 Ethernet interface, cooling channel locations, VGA analog display output, HDMI high definition digital signal output and a USB2.0 interface and audio interface.

The right side of the interface from top to bottom, respectively, safety lock position, two USB2.0 and DVD burner, USB interface, which does not use overlay design, so the-line equipment, such as wireless network card can be good position to prevent encroachment of the interface phenomenon.

At the same time as using the SAMSUNG Q25 TXC 1300 battery sinking shaft design, so there is no interface, placement of the rear fuselage, while the reader is the same with other models in the front of the fuselage, user-friendly access.

Overall, the Samsung 300E4A the interface will remain in the present, no USB3.0 interface may seem a bit stretched, but the current low-end notebook product positioning point of view, USB3.0 interface is also rare.

Finally, in addition to performance, performance, battery life and temperature on the thermal performance of a notebook computer is the same judge the merits of the important factors, although a significant alternative to notebook computer desktop look after no apparent role in mobile applications, But the battery’s performance is still very important.

Samsung 300E4A virtue of the second generation of Intel Core processor intelligence support, greatly reduced the energy consumption of the machine, making the battery life greatly extended, and even equipped with discrete graphics, too, can automatically switch to the smart to extend the life saving purposes.

From a practical trial, Samsung 300E4A time in life has been more than four hours, and by reducing the screen brightness way you can make the life Samsung 300E4A further extended.

Cooling, the Samsung 300E4A still the same performance, lower heat province Core i3 processor, the Samsung 300E4A more continuous work can be cool, constant temperature 21 degrees Celsius in the interior, high resource consumption by continuously running program to improve Samsung 300E4A surface temperature, the highest position, but also gathered at the location of vents, heat the bottom of the fuselage is very low, there is no obvious hot feeling, and body position of the palm rest and keyboard is more obvious, so the overall look, SAMSUNG X60 XIH 2300 battery cooling performance is still very good.

SummaryIf one word to sum up the characteristics of the Samsung 300E4A if it is a highly cost-effective all-round notebook, its popular appearance, balanced configuration and performance, excellent thermal control and life, and has a very reasonable price So basically look at the Samsung 300E4A no obvious defects, most often in the pursuit of cost-effective and moving between corporate and white-collar home owners, the Samsung 300E4A highly recommended.

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