Samsung Galaxy S3: Camera Tips Tricks
By Rachel Coombes|July 1, 2012|3:16 am

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One of the best features of the new Samsung Galaxy S III is the 8 megapixel camera on the back.

Be that as it may, all the extra features that make the Galaxy S III amazing (like the NFC and WiFi Direct stuff) end up tugging pretty vigorously at the battery.

The Samsung Galaxy S III has a 2100mAh battery, which is fairly large compared to other phones on the market.

Well, the four icons running down the side of the screen in the native camera app can be customised.

Bizarrely, you can’t simply drag apps on top of one another to create folders.

Use the flashThe Samsung Galaxy S3 has an impressive LED flash, which you don’t have to reserve for dimly lit conditions, it can also be used to great effect in daylight to counteract dark shadows as a ‘fill flash’ when you take photographs and videos.

The Samsung Galaxy S III has been the subject of intense hype, the type usually only associated with products from a certain fruit company.

The magazine called the Samsung Galaxy S III “the most powerful Android smartphone on the market”.

Instead there’s a digital zoom, but use this and it enlarges the pixels, reducing the quality significantly.

But not having an optical zoom isnt necessarily a bad thing, it encourages you to think about composition and experiment more before you take your shot, and move your body.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is the Android phone of the moment and in many ways it lives up to the hype.

We don’t see the 16GB of internal memory as an issue given the microSD card slot.

The Galaxy S3 can shoot movies at full HD resolution of 1080p, but it will still look fantastic and be more than adequate for YouTube.

While it’s fun to dream of owning a One X, a Galaxy S III or an Optimus 4X HD, they’re called superphones for a reason: they cater to power hungry individuals with a fair amount of disposable income.

If you’re sending a movie via MMS use ‘Limit for MMS’ in the Recording mode settings.

Use scene modesThe Galaxy S3 doesn’t let you set the shutter manually like some dedicated cameras, but slow and fast shutter commands are included as scene modes.

Select Sports for a fast shutter to capture fast moving action and Night for occasions when you want a slower shutter.

MeteringThe metering mode determines the exposure (brightness) of the photo.

Centre weighted is where the light is measured from the middle of the picture; Spot is where the light is measured from a small area and Matrix is where the light is measured at several different points and an average is used.

HDR stands for High Definition Range and is useful for situations with high and low contrast areas.

It works by taking a series of photographs at different exposure settings and combining them in camera, retaining shadow and highlight detail.

Photo EditorPhoto Editor is a dedicated camera app available to download from Samsung Apps.

It has loads of useful apps like tunein radio ,it can run skype and takes great snaps on the go with an 8mp camera.

As well as rotating, cropping and adjusting the exposure of your photographs, you can use it to add effects such as motion blur, select using the lasso selection and experiment with different paintbrush effects.

Rule of ThirdsLocated in the camera settings youll find an option called Guidelines, which you can use to help compose your pictures.

Next to the speaker grill and Samsung logo, you’ll find a multi colored notification LED, along with ambient light sensors and front facing 1.9 megapixel camera.

Although its natural to put the subject in the centre of the frame, for greater impact position your subject on either side of the central rectangle.

Auto SyncBy default when you set up Gmail accounts on the Galaxy S3, photographs will be upload to Google Plus.

Turn this off by going Settings – Accounts and sync and click on your email address and untick Sync Google Photos.

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