Samsung ATIV S: Hands- Samsung’s Windows Phone 8 Device (video)
By Alan Whitehead|October 30, 2012|7:11 am

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Instead, Microsoft’s partnership with Nokia means Windows Phone 8 devices all come preloaded with Nokia’s navigation software.

At Microsoft’s launch event for its new mobile OS, the phone’s 4.8 inch AMOLED display certainly helps to make the most of those colorful tiles — this time around a higher resolution (1,280 x 720) screen kept everything looking sharp.

Microsoft is preparing to launch its latest mobile operating system for smartphones so here’s how to get live coverage of the Windows Phone 8 event.

Taking advantage of the only truly Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan, on a nationwide 4G network, T Mobile customers will see a superior value with T Mobile’s lineup of Windows Phone 8 devices.

On the other hand, Samsung’s brought its (admittedly divisive) glossy plastic shell of its Android Galaxy phones, although there is some cosmetic differences.

Samsung ATIV S hands on Along the base, the central physical button is emblazoned with the Microsoft’s newest logo, with the back and search capacitive buttons taking up the rest of the bezel below the screen.

The other contracts start at £36 for the Samsung Ativ S, £31 for the Lumia 820 and 8X, and £20.50 for the 8S.

Like we said, that HD Super AMOLED display makes the Windows Phone 8 aesthetic really sing — although we wonder whether Nokia’s latest flagship may well beat in outdoor performance.

Microsoft lifted the veil on its latest Windows Phone 8 (WP8) operating system (OS) at an event in San Francisco today.

Flip the device around, and there’s a brushed styled (but not finish) battery cover with a grill separating it from the chin.

At the top, there’s a familiar looking 8 megapixel camera, flash and loudspeaker setup, Unsurprisingly, it feels pretty similar to Samsung’s Greatest Hit of 2012 and that sliver of a profile helped this big screened smartphone fit our hand — just about.

We’re getting our fill of all things Windows Phone 8 today and the ATIV S gives you exactly what you’d expect from Microsoft’s new UI.

You needn’t look any further for Windows Phone 8 coverage; simply bookmark the page which we’ve linked to below.

We spent some time using Internet Explorer, reorganizing and resizing tiles and the 1.5GHz fares well with the OS’ initial offering.

Oddly, it looks like the app selection is still missing some key titles that already exist on Windows Phone 7, but Samsung’s made its own efforts, with preinstalled apps running the gamut from the useful (ChatON) to the less so (Samsung’s own Music Hub).

At the moment, it’s the only Windows Phone 8 device we’ve seen so far from the Korean electronics maker and we’re still waiting for the company to confirm a release date, but if you liked what you saw from the Galaxy S III, the ATIV S might just be the one for you.

Youll get 1GB of RAM (vs 2GB on the Galaxy S III) 16 or 32GB of storage based on carriers, an 8 megapixel rear camera, and 1.3 front shooter for Skype video chat.

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